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Appendix B
References, Links, and Sources

General Interest
LEGO page with NXT Developer Kits: blog:
The NXT STEP blog: NXT news:
MINDSTORMS-related newsgroup:
Michael Gasperi’s LEGO page:
Matthias Paul Scholz’s NXT Tools page:
Philippe (Philo’s) LEGO page:
Radio Shack:
Chapter 1
Mindell, David, et al. “LEGO Mindstorms, The Structure of an Engineering ®evolution”:
Papert, Seymour. Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas. New York: Basic Books, 1993.
Koerner, Brendan I. “Geeks in Toyland.” Wired Magazine, February 2006:
MIT MindFest:
Russell Nelson’s LEGO MINDSTORMS Internals website:
Chapter 2
LEGO page with NXT Developer Kits:
Human vision information:
Homebrew Sound Sensor:
Comparison of LEGO motors:
Next Byte Codes:
Bricx Command Center:
Chapter 3
LEGO page with NXT Developer Kits:
LEGO Education:
Chapter 5
LEGO Store:
LEGO Education:
GE Infrastructure Sensing:
Human comfort zone:
The Rotronic Humidity Handbook:
Cadmium sulfide photoresistors:
Braitenberg Vehicles:
Braitenberg, Valentino.Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1986.
Chapter 6
LEGO Shop at Home:
Inverted pendulum:
Chapter 8
DN6849SE datasheet:
2N3906 datasheet:
Sharp GP2D12 datasheet:
Chapter 9
LM324 datasheet:
1N4148 datasheet:
Next Byte Codes:
Lamp filament resistance:
More on filament resistance:
1230-030D-3L datasheet:
Chapter 10
DCP Microdevelopments:
LEGO Education:
Chapter 11
The Clapper:
Etch A Sketch:
Chapter 12
Jameco Robotic Store:
Jameco Electronics:
Dyanalloy and Flexinol:
Potter and Brumfield:
Globe pencil sharpener:
1N400X datasheet:
IRF510 datasheet:
IRF9530 datasheet:
IRF520 datasheet:
STTH2R06RL datasheet:
PS2501-4 datasheet:
Chapter 13
I2C manual:
SIMON game:
PCF8574 and PCF8574A datasheet:
PCF8591 datasheet:
Tact switch datasheet:
Reed Relays:
Cadmium sulfide photoresistors:
TSL2550 datasheet:
Chapter 14
Jazz DigiStix camera:
Light sticks:
Hand warmers:
LEGO Shop at Home:
Panoramic photography:
NxtRICedit download:
LEGO NXT Mobile Application:
Razix and NXT Director:
RoboDNA and Dashboard Designer:
Appendix A
Global Specialties:
1N4148 datasheet:
LM324 datasheet: