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Learn more about the Extreme NXT book
Homebrew sensor projects for the RCX and NXT
Construction projects for the RCX and NXT
The slides from my Mindfest Homebrew Sensors Workshop
Recreation of Grey Walters Machina Speculatrix
A hackers guide to LEGO Mindstorms Vision Command
Sound Plans for building a Sound Sensor for the RCX
Michael Gasperi's LEGO Mindstorms NXT/RCX Sensor Input Page


CdS Light A cheap and simple Light Sensor
Differential Light Sensor that outputs the difference between two light sources
Post-in-ring A way to build an all-around Touch Sensor
Almost Ultrasonic Motion Detects motion using the RCX sound generator
Motor Speed/Torque Uses the motor's back EMF to measure speed
Pressure Measure air pressure
Angle a sensor that measures angles with a potentiometer
My Homebrew RCX/NXT Sensors
My Homebrew RCX Only Sensors
Galvanic Skin Response Build a Lie Detector
Input Mux and Color Expand the RCX inputs or build a red, green, blue color sensor
Rotation A mechanical rotation sensor based on Touch Sensors
Other Hackers Sites - Mostly Homebrew Sensors
Sven Horstmann's Line Tracking A specialized sensor for line following
John Barnes' Ultrasonic Range Measures distance for the RCX
Brian Stormont's Sensors A variety of homebew sensors
Dean Husby's Sensors A variety of homebrew sensors
ESG's Sensors A variety of homebrew sensors
Ralph Hempel's RCX Light Sensor Tricks Ways to make the Light Sensor work better
Robert Munafo's Motor Velocity Motor back EMF
Henry Chea's Passive IR Detect body heat
Ben Jackson's Train Axle Use an RCX Light Sensor to detect train position
Philippe Hurbain's Sensors A great site for both NXT and RCX Mindstorms information
Boulette's Sensors A huge Mindstorms site
LEGO Mindstorms RCX Projects
Links, Resources, and where to buy
Heinrich Poetter's Rotation A rotation sensor using read switches
Greg Blount's Pyroelectric Low cost heat sensor
Rainer Balzerowski's IR Distance
Mark Dresser's Hall Effect Also a rotation sensor
Science Museum of Minnesota's Heart Monitor Mostly plans
Rob Limbaugh's Cut Electric Plates How to make inexpensive RCX connectors
LLoyd Gordon's Double Rotation Control slip between two wheels
General Purpose The basic RCX powered sensor interface
LEGO Mindstorms The mother site
NXT Developer Kits Download and read these PDFs now
NXT-G Add-On Software And Updates Keep your NXT software up to date
NXTBot Blog One of the NXT information sharing sites
TheNXT Step Blog Another of the NXT information sharing sites NXT News Yet another NXT information sharing sites
Lugnet Robotics Newsgroup Great newsgroup for LEGO Robotics
Philo's Page A great Mindstorms resource site
Links And Resources
LEGO Education Store Where to buy extra NXT parts
LEGO Shop at Home Where to buy all kinds of LEGO stuff
HiTechnic Aftermarket Sensors Makers of LEGO sensors for sale
Mindsensors Aftermarket Sensors Makers of LEGO sensors for sale
Techno-Stuff Aftermarket Sensors Makers of LEGO sensors for sale
RCX Light Sensor Internals The guts of the RCX Light Sensor
RCX Rotation Sensor Internals The guts of the RCX Rotation Sensor
Purchase LEGO Mindstorms NXT Where to buy the NXT
Brickshelf General LEGO information
LEGO Kit Inventories Lists of all the parts that come in a LEGO kit
LEO CAD Great tool for drawing LEGO creations
Russell Nelson's Page The mother of all LEGO Mindstorms hacker sites
Doug's Rotating Electrical Connection Uses a telephone cord connector
LEGO Mindstorms RCX Projects
Visual Basic - Bluetooth
Tutorial for remote control of the  NXT
Sivan Toledo's NXT Projects Expand the NXT with the I2C bus
Larry Barello's Sensor Article from Servo Interesting site about LEGO sensors
Homebrew NTG-G Blocks
Homebrew NXT-G Blocks
Simon Game in NXT-G
The Simon Game using NXT-G programming language
Plasti-Bots Cybermaster touch sensor expander for NXT
Use an IBM PC PS/2 Keyboard as an input device
CdS Light Sensor With active LED control and an NXT-G block
A DAC interface with RC Servo Motor control and an NXT-G Block
An interface for a Numeric Keypad used as an input for the NXT
Matrix Interface that connects 23 switches to one input
A PIC Microcontroller Interface for the ultimate intelligent sensor
Anders' Mindstorms Site has an RFID, Magnetic, and more NXT Sensors
Learn more about the LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT book
Build a Stepper Motor Interface for the NXT using the PCF8574
My main homepage
Temperature Sensor Old style "built like a brick" sensor