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Elliptical Fins by Computer, American Spacemodeling, Feb, 1986, Vol. 29, No. 2, Page 12.

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Programs authored by Michael Gasperi. This performance analysis and design program is the ideal tool for designing from scratch or modifying existing designs. Learn how changes to a design affect flight performance. Includes apogee determination, drag prediction, performance prediction, flight simulation, dynamic stability, model rocket design, drag estimation, stability determination, optimum weight and elliptical fin design. (74KB)

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Back in the 1980s I wrote a package of Basic programs for model rocket design for Estes Industries.  They were originally sold on floppy disks, but can now be downloaded for free (See link below).  Although these programs are crude by todays standards, they are still useful for working with simple model rockets.
Estes Astrocad Software
Cineroc Film
The Cineroc was a Super-8mm film camera from the 70's that was flown on model rockets.  I got one in the late 1980s long after support for the product was gone.  I had to load and develop the film myself.  This short piece of footage represents days of preparation.

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